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Install Pak Urdu Installer for Typing in Urdu – Full Details

Why Pak Urdu Installer?

Pak Urdu Installer Is  program which activates Urdu language support in Windows. This is necessary for typing Urdu in unicode format. The other option is to type in Inpage. But typing in unicode has its own advantages. It helps you type directly in MS Word without installing Inpage. It will also install install Jameel Noori Nastaleeq format. Hence you will have no problem in typing in Urdu.

PakSign Technologies developed the Pak Urdu Installer. Its first version was released in 2011. Its development simplified the typing Urdu in unicode. Moreover, it has helped the Urdu readers and writers who don’t have to learn Inpage or any other complex software for simple typing in Urdu. Though Inpage has its own advantages, but typing in unicode is a very simple and time saving process. Moreover, anyone can copy and paste the text on any online platform.

Installation of Pak Urdu Installer

You can install the application by clicking on any of the download links below. Once downloaded, run the application. After the application is installed, you will need to restart the computer. Afterwards you can start typing in Urdu.

It can be installed easily on any computer with Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Download EXE File from Media Fire
Download Zip File from Media Fire
Download from CNET
Download Pak Urdu Installer

Keyboard for Pak Urdu Installer

You can find the keyboard pattern online, or you can download Urdu keyboard layout by clicking on the link as well. If you have any trouble with typing any letter or sign, please comment below and we will help you.

Text from Inpage to Unicode

You can use online Inpage to Unicode converter for converting Inpage to Unicode. Similarly, there are also converters available to convert the Unicode text to Inpage format.

Switching Between Urdu and English

You can easily switch between Urdu and English by using the shortcut key Alt+Shift. You can also go to the input languages in Control panel, and add additional languages to the language bar. The language bar will automatically appear after the application has been installed.

If you want to install Inpage instead, please click on Inpage 2000 free download. Please mention your comments, queries and suggestions in the comment section below.

Benefits of Typing Urdu in Unicode

Typing Urdu in Unicode provides numerous advantages in terms of standardization, compatibility, and communication ease. Unicode serves as an internationally recognized character encoding standard, ensuring uniformity across platforms and devices. By using Unicode, Urdu text is guaranteed to be accurately displayed on systems supporting it. This compatibility extends across operating systems, devices, and software applications, promoting cross-platform sharing. Online communication facility is also available, enabling error-free display of Urdu text on various digital platforms.

Unicode-encoded Urdu text is searchable and indexable, proving valuable for web content, databases, and user accessibility. Additionally, Unicode contributes to language preservation by faithfully representing Urdu and aiding global accessibility. Collaboration, localization, and data exchange benefit from Unicode’s consistency. It ensures accurate rendering of Urdu content in digital publications, upholding the language’s diacritics, ligatures, and nuances. The ease of input, supported by devices and applications, further simplifies the process. Ultimately, typing Urdu in Unicode establishes a standardized, universally compatible approach to sharing, preserving, and communicating Urdu content digitally. This enhances accessibility, accuracy, and collaboration across diverse platforms and devices.

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