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Customers Complain of Low Quality NDURE shoes

NDURE is a major brand which is known for making quality shoes and apparels. They have more than 90 stores in the whole country including Gilgit, Quetta and Karachi. The brand also maintains an active website. It delivers the shoes through Leopard Courier Service and Swyft, which gives tracking facility to the customers as well. NDURE Shoes maintain active social media presence in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Criticism on Ndure Brand

Unfortunately, the customers have been complaining of low quality products recently. A customer by the name of Faisal Jam shared pictures of the product and said “Never buy from Ndure (online shop). They will send you pathetic quality shoes, and there helpline will ask you to send the pic on insta or fb messenger but they won’t even reply you.”

NDURE customers compaint
NDURE customers complaint

Other customers also voiced the same opinions about Nadure shoes. As was very obvious from the pictures shared, the customer had been delivered shoes in bad condition. The shining was gone and the finishing was not fine. The name of the brand is clearly visible on the pictures. The customer has provided the complete order information which is sufficient to show his genuineness and trustworthiness.

We hope that the company looks into the issue and sort out the problem as it will have a very negative impact on their reputation. Customer care has never been given attention in our country but we expect that major brands will give more importance to customer satisfaction as is the norm in the whole world.

The brands in our country should realize that customers pay them and it is there right to be heard. Customers make or break the brands, and appropriate steps are to be taken when they complain of low quality. Good brands always give importance to the views of their customers.

4 thoughts on “Customers Complain of Low Quality NDURE shoes”

  1. family staff very very bad dealing mobile use kar rahi thi but customer not dealing size ak chota ak bara da diya family staff na very very bad family staff this is a bast staff pakegs mall

  2. Nduer brand ka family staf bhut he batmaz hai tamazi he nahi bat karna ki mobile pa laga rahta hai staff whit manager bhut he batmaz kisam ki family staff hai apki ap sa to achi service shoes wala ko staff achi dealing karta apki to family staf very very very very very very very very very baad

  3. very very bad ndure barnd barch manager mobile use kar raha hai jab k hum bil karwna k liya w8 kar raha tha upar sa apki family staf na size ulat da diya very very bad family staf dealing

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