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PSO Petrol Pump – Complete Dealership Process Near Your Area

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) holds the distinction of being the biggest oil marketing company in Pakistan. It is the leading supplier of petroleum products in the country. The PSO Petrol Pump are available in the whole country and they provide great business to their owners. In this article, we will show you how can you apply for PSO Petrol Pump dealership.

The company is currently involved in marketing and distributing a wide range of POL products, such as Motor Gasoline (Mogas), High-Speed Diesel (HSD), Furnace Oil (FO), Jet Fuel (JP 1), Kerosene, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied petroleum gas, Petrochemicals, and Lubricants.

It has a network of over 3,500 retail stores in over 200 cities across the country and is responsible for over two-thirds of the country’s total oil imports.

Moreover, PSO is the only oil company to have achieved full ISO certification, making it the only company in Pakistan to meet international quality standards. As a result, the company has become a symbol of quality, reliability, and trust.

So, are you interested in partnering with this prestigious company but don’t know how to apply? Don’t worry! This guide will provide you with all the information you need to begin a PSO Petrol Pump. Keep reading!

Business Partner Onboarding

PSO provides an end-to-end onboarding solution that automates and simplifies the onboarding process, from initial contact to onboarding and ongoing partner management. It also provides comprehensive insights into each partner’s performance to help ensure their partnership’s long-term success.

To Get Started

Let’s get started on the application!

  1. Go to the PSO Portal website:
  2. Click on “Business Partner
  3. Choose one of the following options to apply to do business with PSO:
    1. Apply for a Retail Business
    1. Apply for LPG Distributorship
    1. Apply for a Consumer Business
    1. Apply for an LSAT Distributorship


Retail Business

The Retail division of PSO strives tirelessly to meet the automotive and agricultural needs of the nation. This sector is a major component of PSO’s business operations.

Depending on the available space and business viability, the PSO retail outlet has it all: fuel, lubricants, convenience goods, a car wash, a tire shop, and a quick-service restaurant.

Who Can Apply?

To become a PSO dealer, you must own a piece of land or possess leased land in prime locations such as main cities, highways, or potential business areas with a minimum of 20 years available lease.

But being a PSO dealer is not just about having land. It’s also about having the drive and determination to succeed. You need to possess strong business acumen and financial insight, be committed to investing your time in safety and high service standards, and have a results-oriented mindset.

Additionally, a high caliber of personal integrity, self-motivation, adaptability, and strong leadership skills are essential to effectively managing and motivating a team.

If you have what it takes and are financially sound, you can join the PSO team! Ethical and independent business management is a must, so if you think you are a good fit, don’t wait to apply!

Application for the development of Retail Sites

To apply for the development of a Retail business, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Click the “Apply Here” button.
  • A popup will appear with all the terms and conditions you must agree to apply for retail business.
  • Click “I Agree” to proceed.
  • A new screen will appear with a dropdown list containing three options for the Applicant Type:
    • Individual / Sole Proprietor
    • Partnership
    • Institutional / Organizational
  • Below this, there is another pop-down menu containing 5 choices for the Type of Project:
    • Competitor Site Converting to PSO
    • Conversion (C)
    • CNG Station Converting to PSO
    • Remodeling (RM)
    • New Development (ND)
  • Once you have made your selections, click “Next” to proceed.

Applicant Type

The dealership applicant may be:

  1. Individual/sole proprietor
  2. A partnership
  3. Independent company/organization/institution

An individual/sole proprietor is a business entity owned and run by one person. On the contrary, a partnership is a business concurrently owned by two or more individuals.

Project Type

You can apply for one of the following project types:

1. New Development (ND): a location being used for the first time to create any POL product category station (e.g., Petrol station, CNG station, etc.).

2. Competitor Site Converting to PSO: A location where PSO outlets are replacing outlets of competitors such as Mari Petroleum Company Limited and OGDCL.

3. CNG Station Converting to PSO: a location where PSO outlets are replacing CNG stations other than those owned by PSO (such as Attock Petroleum Limited, Pakistan Petroleum Ltd, etc.).

4. Conversion (C): A location where an existing PSO site is being converted to an outlet/site for another POL category, such as a CNG station to a Fuel Station (RO).

5. Remodeling (RM): a location where any existing PSO’s site is used for conversion from the Old Vision (OV) site to the New Vision (NV) site.

Application Form

  1. To become an Individual/Sole Proprietor for the case types of New Development (ND), Competitor Site Converting to PSO, CNG converting to PSO, Conversion (C), and Remodelling (RM), you must complete the ‘Applicant’s Profile’ section of the form.
  2. To become a Partner or Institutional/Organizational, you must fill out the ‘Point of Contact Details’ section!
  • For both these types of applications, you must fill out the Company details, Land details, and Attachment sections. And Don’t forget to include any information marked with an asterisk (*) – these fields are essential!
  • However, if you are applying as a Partnership, you must complete two additional fields, as indicated in the image below.
  • If you are submitting as an Individual/ Sole Proprietor, Partnership, or Institutional/ Organizational for the case types; Conversion (C) and Remodeling (RM), you must fill out the ‘Existing Site Profile’ and ‘Information Section’ in the shared image.
  • You have to answer the following questions. If you select yes, you must fill out the Name and SAP Code fields before submitting the form.


Check Application Status

  1. You can check your application status by clicking on the “Check Application Status” button.
  • You need to enter your Application’s AIN to submit it.
  • Once CFT has approved your application, you must submit the final documents mentioned in the email link.
  • You can do this by clicking on the “Final Documents Sent to PSO” button.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Business

The LPG Department of PSO has a wide-ranging distributorship network spanning from Karachi to Peshawar.

Application for the Distributorship of LPG

This application is for businesses interested in becoming a distributor or resellers of PSO’s lubricant products. The application process includes submitting a detailed business plan, financial information, and other relevant documentation.

Who Can Apply?

To become a PSO LPG distributor, you must have a piece of land (owned or rented), a keen business sense, and a commitment to safety, service, and results.

Not only will you need to have strong financial insight, but also a high caliber of personal integrity, self-motivation, and adaptability.

And let’s not forget strong leadership skills to motivate and manage a team. If you have what it takes and are financially sound, you can become a PSO LPG distributor!

Consumer Business

PSO’s Consumer Business specializes in Industrial Sales and Marketing and serves Corporate, Industrial, and Defence clients.

Application for the Development of Consumer Business/B2B/KA

The Consumer Business (CB) Department is dedicated to offering exceptional services to industrial customers and power projects all over Pakistan. The CB Department is a major provider of Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) products to a wide variety of industries.

LSAT Business

PSO specializes in providing high-quality lubricants to businesses in the automotive industry. They offer a wide selection of lubricants for engines, transmissions, brakes, and other automotive components.

Application for the Distributorship of Lubricant Business

PSO distributes LPG products nationwide with their branded “Pak Gas” via a network of distributors.

This application is for parties who can manage their business ethically and independently and are financially well off.

Who can Apply?

To be a PSO LSAT distributor, one must possess enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to promoting a positive image of PSO lubricants in the market.

Additionally, having the ability to grow the business, good business acumen, financial insight, commitment to investing in safety, high standards of service, result oriented, with a vast network of potential retailers, and high personal integrity are also required.


In conclusion, the PSO Petrol Pump Business Partner Onboarding is a great opportunity for potential business partners to join the PSO network and become part of a successful organization. It offers a chance to earn a steady income, build professional relationships, and gain valuable experience. Once you have filled everything out, you can submit the form and get started on your journey!

We hope you find the information provided in this guide useful and that it makes the onboarding process simpler and more convenient. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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