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Embrace Meaning in Urdu: Discovering the Essence of the Term

The term “embrace” translates to “galay lagana, baghal geer hona, aghosh mai lena” in Urdu. In another context, the term means “tasleem karna, manzoor karna” in Urdu. This word beautifully captures the act of holding someone or something close to one’s heart. Embrace represents an open-armed gesture, symbolizing warmth, affection, and a willingness to accept. Just as one’s arms wrap around another in a loving embrace, this word reflects the idea of encompassing someone or something emotionally. In this article, we delve into the Embrace Meaning in Urdu.

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Usage in Sentences

Embrace can be used in sentences in the following way:

  1. She embraced her friend tightly after their long separation.
  2. The community came together to embrace cultural diversity.
  3. He found solace in the embrace of nature’s tranquility.
  4. The company’s new approach was met with a warm embrace from employees.
  5. Their laughter filled the room, a joyful embrace of shared memories.
  6. She embraced the challenge, determined to overcome any obstacles.
  7. The poem’s verses beautifully captured the essence of love’s embrace.
  8. In her arms, he found the embrace of a mother’s unconditional love.
  9. The city’s architecture embraced both modern and historic elements.
  10. The team’s success was a result of their collaborative embrace of innovation.

Synonyms of Embrace Meaning in Urdu

Synonyms of the word Embrace are the following:

hug, clasp, cuddle, hold, enfold, grasp, squeeze, encircle, wrap, include, accept, adopt, welcome, incorporate, envelop, encompass, hold tight, press, cradle, bosom

Old English Usage for Embrace Meaning in Urdu

The evolution of the English language becomes evident when considering the word “embrace” in Old English compared to its usage today. Over time, language has undergone significant transformations, reshaping the meanings and applications of various words. Unlike its modern sense, the term “embrace” did not hold the same connotation in Old English. Instead, this era employed different linguistic tools to convey similar sentiments. For instance, the Old English verb “clyppan” served as the equivalent of “embrace” or “hug.” While “clyppan” has faded from contemporary language, it was commonplace in Old English literature. The differences between Old English and modern English demonstrate the dynamic nature of language and the intricate relationship between words, culture, and time.

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Embrace is a common word and in this article, we have discussed the embrace meaning in Urdu language. By incorporating this term into our lives, we can enrich our interactions and connections, fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us. So, let’s wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of this word and all it represents.

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