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Priority Meaning in Urdu with Synonyms, Sentences and Usage

The term “priority” translates to “tarjeeh dena, faqiyat dena, fazeelat dena” in Urdu. In English, the term ‘priority’ signifies being recognized as more crucial, pressing, or significant when compared to alternative tasks or elements. It entails according a heightened level of importance or favor to a specific goal, task, objective, or item, often influenced by factors like time sensitivity, impact, value, or necessity. Moreover, priorities aid individuals in making informed decisions to attain desired results.

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priority meaning in urdu
priority meaning in urdu with sentence

Usage in Sentences

  • Safety is always our first priority.
  • She juggled multiple tasks but managed her priorities well.
  • The company reevaluated its priorities to adapt to market changes.
  • In times of crisis, clear priorities help guide decisions.
  • His promotion highlighted the company’s commitment to recognizing employee priorities.
  • Environmental sustainability is now a global priority.
  • They worked through the night to address the customer’s priority issue.
  • Family time took priority over work on weekends.
  • The team met to discuss project priorities and allocate resources.
  • Effective time management requires identifying and setting priorities.

Synonyms of Priority

Precedence, Primacy, Preference, Superiority, Importance, Urgency, Preeminence, Supremacy, Rank, Dominance, Lead, Prominence

Old English Usage of Priority Meaning in Urdu

The term “priority” in the sense it’s used today, with its modern meaning, didn’t exist in Old English as the language and concepts have evolved over time. The concept of prioritizing tasks or elements was present, but the specific word “priority” was not used in Old English. The Old English language, spoken roughly from the 5th to the 11th century, had a different linguistic structure and vocabulary.

Moreover, if you were to express the concept of priority in Old English, you would need to use a combination of words or phrases to convey the idea. Furthermore, old English was quite different from modern English, so a direct translation wouldn’t be possible.

Earliest Usage of the Word Priority

“The term ‘priority’ was incorporated into English during the late 14th century, originating from the Latin ‘prioritas,’ signifying ‘the fact or condition of being prior; precedence.’ Although prioritization, the act of assigning importance to certain aspects over others, predates this, the specific term ‘priority’ as we understand it today was introduced during that period. In addition, the earliest documented English usage of ‘priority’ hails from the 1380s, within the Middle English era, denoting ‘precedence’ or ‘being earlier in time, occurrence, or importance.’ Since then, ‘priority’ has been extensively employed to illustrate the notion of conferring higher significance to something, placing it ahead of others in terms of attention, preference, or sequence.”

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