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Throne Meaning in Urdu

Throne means the Arsh in Urdu language. It literelly translates to “The Throne”. It is mentioned many times in the Holy Quran. For example, Surah number 57 verse number 4. It is one of the creations of Almighty Allah. Many scholars believe that Allah created the Throne before anything else. It is the greatest creation of Almighty Allah. It is wajib i.e. compulsory to believe in the existence of Arsh. So Throne meaning in Urdu language is Arsh. It is different from Kursi we will discuss later.

According to a report in Sahih Bukhari, a compilation of Prophetic narrations by Imam Muhammad ibn Ismail Bukhari, it is mentioned that “His throne was above the water”. This water doesn’t mean the water which flows in this world but it is separate. It is also above the Jannah. Allah has referred to himself in Quran as ‘Dhul Arshil Majeed’, which means “Lord of the Throne, the All-Glorious”. Holy Quran Surah 85, Verse 15. Similarly in Surah Muminoon Verse Number 86, Surah al Naml Verse 26, Surah Zukhruf Verse 82, Surah Tawba Verse 129, Surah Yunus Verse 3, Surah Hud Verse 7, Surah al-Araf Verse 54, and Surah Hadid Verse 4, the word Throne or Arsh is mentioned. This shows that the word is used in many verses of the Holy Quran.

There are four bearers of Throne, called Hamlat al-Arsh. They are the Angels. The Quran mentions them in Surah Ghafir Verse 7 and Quran Haaqa Verse 17.

The Arsh is different from the Kursi. The Kursi is also a creation of Allah, but it is below the Arsh, and above the seven heavens. Hence, throne meaning in Urdu is the same as in Arabic language.

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