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What is DPT – Institutes, Salary and Job Prospects

A Doctor of Physical Therapy is a five years degree program which can be opted after bachelors. Upon succession completion, the DPT degree is awarded. It deals with the treatment of physically abnormal patients. The doctors treat them using various electrical modalities, physical exercises and hand technique.

How to become a (DPT) Doctor of Physical Therapy in Pakistan?

A student who is desirous of admission in DPT should have at least 60 percent marks in intermediate for admission in DPT. But we suggest to take admission in some renowned medical college or government institute instead of private institutions.

What are the Job Prospects for Physical Therapists in Pakistan

Students who opt DPT are nowadays struggling to find jobs as the market has saturated a lot. Moreover, there is no council for Doctors of Physical Therapy due to which degree holders are facing lack of employment especially in the government sector and work dignity. For academics, you need to have at least MS or PhD. D. In spite of these issues, if your intention is to pursue foreign license then you should opt this program as there is great scope in the foreign countries.

The Average Physical Therapist Salary in Pakistan

The average physical therapist salary in Pakistan range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1,50,000. Furthermore, in government sector, it follows the scale in which the candidate has been selected. For instance, if a person is selected for BPS 17, then the salary starts from Rs. 60,000.

Which Universities Offer Admission in DPT?

Most of the renowned institutions offer admissions in DPT Physical Therapy.

Institute Of Health Sciences, Islamabad, IHS
Health Aid College Of Nursing, Islamabad, HACN
Rawal Institute Of Health Sciences, Islamabad, RIHS
Comwave Institute Of Information Technology, Islamabad, COMWAVE
Capital College Of Health Sciences, Islamabad, CCHS
Dakson Institute Of Health Sciences, Islamabad, DIHS
Hamdard University – Islamabad Campus, Islamabad, HAMDARD
Islamabad Medical & Dental College, Islamabad, IMDC
National Institute Of Modern Studies, Islamabad, NIMS
Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims, Islamabad, SZABMU
Aman Medical Institute, Islamabad, AMI

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