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How to create a gig on Fiverr? A step-by-step guide

If you are a freelancer, you must have heard about Fiverr. Fiverr is an online platform that
connects buyers and sellers or employees and employers. Fiver is the most popular freelancing
platform. You can become a seller or a buyer at Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services. People from all over the world come here
to find or provide work. The idea behind Fiverr is to make the freelancing process easy. There is
no concept of a middleman in Fiverr as freelancers have a direct link with companies over here.
They can work as per their freedom.
Thousands of buyers visit Fiverr every day to hire freelance workers. If you have never earned
online, Fiverr is the easiest place to start over. Moreover, Fiverr is free to use.

How does Fiverr work?

Fiverr works on gigs. Gigs can be different freelance services such as web designing, social
media marketing, copywriting, article writing, etc.

What is a Gig on Fiverr?

Many people don’t know about Gig on Fiverr. The gig is a service offered on Fiverr’s website.
Example: I will write you an amazing copy for $5. A Fiverr gig is used to describe the services
you sell on this platform. This is an opportunity to show your talent and skills so that companies
or clients can hire you.

Steps to create a gig on Fiverr

You can only create a gig on Fiverr by using a computer. Your mobile phone won’t allow you to
create one. So log in to Fiverr account on your computer.

STEP 1 – How to Start

Go to your homepage and click on selling and then on Gigs. After that click on create a
new gig found at the top-right corner.

STEP 2 – The Basics

Create a Gig title, select category, and add tags
Step 2 is to create a gig title, which is a short description of the services you want to render on
Fiverr. This short description should not be more than 80 characters. Moreover, you can get title
ideas from other sellers as well.
However, your gig title should be unique in all ways. Then choose the category of your services
such as Graphics & designing, Digital Marketing, Video & Animation, Writing & Translation, Fun & Lifestyle, and so on. Do remember, once you have selected your category, you can’t modify it
after gig creation.
After that choose a sub-category of your services. Then add up to 5 search tags.

STEP 3 – Set your gig pricing

Fiverr has a base price of a gig is $5. You can set it as high as $995. Moreover,
Fiverr has Standard and Premium packages, so you can set different prices for all the same

STEP 5 – Gig description and FAQs

After you have written your gig title, next thing is to write the gig description. This is the next
most important thing about your gig. You should put a lot of details into your gig description and
avoid grammatical and spelling errors.
Other than a description, you can also add a few frequently asked questions.

STEP 6 – Enter Requirements

To avoid future disputes between buyers and sellers, add your requirements properly.
Understand properly what that work is all about.

STEP 7 – Add photos or a Video to Gig

The next step is to add photos or videos of the services you are offering. Fiverr has the option to
add up to 3 categories of gig galleries. They can be photos or videos. Always use a high-quality media file of your gig for a good impression.

STEP 8 – Publish your Gig

The last and final step of creating a gig. Just click on the PUBLISH button and your gig will be
live and visible to buyers.
That was all about creating a gig on Fiverr. I hope you understood all the steps.

The Bottom Line

No doubt Fiverr is the best marketplace for freelancers. This platform offers you freelance
services at affordable rates. Happy working with Fiverr! If you have created the Gig but still don’t know how to get orders on Fiverr easily, then click on the link to learn simple tricks for getting more orders on Fiverr.

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