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Hepatitis Meaning in Urdu


Hepatitis is the inflammation of liver due to a virus. The Hepatitis meaning in Urdu is mentioned below.

Hepatitis Meaning in Urdu

هیپاٹائٹس کو اردو میں ورم جگر کہا جاتا ہے۔


Long-term infection due to the hepatitis C virus is called chronic hepatitis C.

  • Signs and symptoms contain:
  • Weight loss
  • Poor appetite
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Bleeding easily
  • Bruising easily
  • Swelling in our legs


According to World Health Organization, 354 million people around the world live with Hepatitis B or C virus. Hepatitis propagates with blood diluted with the virus entering the bloodstream of an uninfected person. Globally, HCV escapes in numerous different forms known as genotypes, and more than 67 subtypes have been discovered. The most usual HCV genotype in the United States is type 1.

Risk factors

Your risk of hepatitis infection is elevated if you:

  • Have HIV
  • Received blood from a donor who had the disease
  • Have been on a long-term kidney dialysis
  • Have unusual liver tests or liver infections
  • Presently inject drugs
  • Were born to a woman with hepatitis


Hepatitis C infections that remain over many years can cause expressive complications, such as:

Liver cancer: Small communities with hepatitis C infection may evolve liver cancer.

Liver failure: refined cirrhosis may happen your liver to stop functioning.

Cirrhosis, or scarring of the liver cancer: After decades of hepatitis C Virus, cirrhosis may happen. Scarring in your liver makes it complicated for your liver to function.


Save yourself from hepatitis C by following these steps:

Stop using illicit drugs, particularly if you inject them: If you use an illicit drug, search for help.

Be cautious about body piercing and tattooing: If you select to endure piercing and tattooing, look for a reputable shop.


Antiviral medication

Hepatitis C infection is treated with antiviral medicines willed to clear the virus from your body. The purpose of treatment is to have no hepatitis C virus identified in your body at least 12 weeks after completing the treatment. The preference of medications and length of treatment are based on the hepatitis C genotype proximity of existing liver infection, another medical requirement, and primary treatment.


Hepatitis C is a severed condition that causes inflammation of the liver and can guide to organ damage, liver cancer, and eventual failure. However, with thankfulness to advance treatment, doctors can cure hepatitis C in more cases. We have also included the Hepatitis meaning in Urdu for those who understand Urdu language better than English.

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