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GoDaddy Reseller Program – Earn Money via Reselling

Joining the White Label Reseller Program is a great way to earn further income. Unlike most entrepreneurs who take their time building their business from scratch, resellers can rapidly and easily start and scale their business with limited capital. This is for the reason that resellers do not build the products and services they sell themselves. Many domain name registrars and web hosting providers are resellers. For example, NameCheap is the domain name industry leader with over 10 million domains under authority. GoDaddy, another leading domain registrar, also lets other individuals and businesses to sell services such as e-mail, webhosting, and SSL certificates on a white label basis. The GoDaddy Reseller Program can help you become a reseller of domains and related services.

Nowadays, there are boundless prospects to start a business without having a lot of capital. One method they achieve this is by becoming a reseller of a specific product or service. GoDaddy and eNom are the biggest providers in the domain name industry. Both companies also offer reseller packages that allow individuals and businesses to sell their products under white label brands. Currently, GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar. The company was founded by Bob Parsons in his 1997 and its current headquarter is in Scottsdale, Arizona.

GoDaddy Reseller Program and Packages

To become a GoDaddy reseller, you need to select from two packages. The Basic Reseller Package is priced at $8.99 and is recommended for account holders with 25 customers or less than her. The Pro Reseller plan costs $14.99 per month. The central difference between the two packages is the price. A Basic plan reseller gets up to 20% off his GoDaddy retail price, and a Pro plan subscriber gets up to 40% off his GoDaddy price. Reseller pricing is a monthly fee, but the minimum contract GoDaddy resellers can purchase is one year.

Credit: Web Reseller Club

Both GoDaddy’s reseller packages come with a white label storefront, so there is no further charge for this service. GoDaddy’s professional resellers offer the best price of $8.29 per year for registration and renewal on .com.

GoDaddy offers a wide dimension of products and services for resellers. These consist of SEO and marketing services, web hosting and SSL certificates. This permits resellers to choose precisely what they want to sell on their storefront.

Additionally, GoDaddy’s reseller plans include the 24/7 phone support for resellers and their subaccounts. This is ideal for resellers who don’t have the time or technical familiarity to deal with customer service issues. GoDaddy provides white label customer support, so reseller customers who call the support line are unaware that GoDaddy is providing the support. Click here to start reselling with GoDaddy Reseller Program.

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