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How to Cancel Order on Daraz – Complete Guide for Beginners!

In the world of internet, the trend of online shopping is increasing significantly. Online shopping is becoming popular all-over the world.

Because of online shopping, it has become an effortless task. You can get whatever you want just with one click.

Shopping via the internet has a good impact on the environment also.

However, even if e-shops have more advantages, physical shopping can never be forgotten.

About Daraz

Over the time, many online shopping platforms have been introduced. And is one of them. is the leading e-commerce platform in Pakistan. Daraz started in 2012 as an online fashion retailer. With time, this has become a general marketplace for different brands and local retailers. You can purchase multiple items from Daraz, ranging from electronics to home appliances, clothing for men and women, footwear, jewelry and other accessories.

How can you cancel order on Daraz?

While online shopping, people become little excited with various options available. Especially when there are a number of deals and discounts present, we can place an order even for products that are not needed. Moreover, sometime, we misread the product description and place an order.

This can feel like a blunder you have made. But you don’t have to worry, as Daraz understands these mistakes.

Daraz provides an easy and convenient measure to cancel an order.

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Steps to cancel an order on Daraz has made the cancellation process a bit simple. Here are the steps to cancel an order.

Open Daraz App and tap Account

Go to My Order section and tap on View All

Tap the one you wish to cancel from your orders

Then tap the Cancel button and fill the cancellation form

Your reason for cancellation is also required

Make sure you read and agree with the cancellation policy

Finally tap the Submit button

In case if your order is on it’s way, you will not be able to cancel the order but you may be able to return your product.

Daraz has made cancellation hassle free but before that make sure your order meets the cancellation policy.

How to Cancel Order on Fiverr

Daraz cancellation policy

According to the Daraz policy, you can cancel your order from your Daraz account only before the order is shipped out from Daraz’s warehouse or has been dispatched by the seller.

But if your order is already on it’s way, you won’t be able to cancel it so make up your mind accordingly.

Happy shopping with Daraz!

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