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How to get Orders on Fiverr in 2023 – Tips for more Orders

Fiverr is a substantial online market. You are in competition with more than 3 million independent contractors worldwide (depending on your niche). You need to know the best practices on how to get orders on Fiverr. Our article will give you some amazing tips that will definitely increase your orders. If you still don’t know how to create a Gig on Fiverr, click on the link to learn in few simple steps.

Because Fiverr’s algorithm is often updated, your gig(s) may be on the front page of your category at one point in time, but at other times, it may be relegated to the bottom end of that page’s results.

Nevertheless, in the event that you still want to improve the ranking of your gig, consider the following suggestions:

Use good keywords

Put some originality into your description of the gig. Your description of the gig serves as either your cover letter or, should I say, your CV. It is necessary for you to persuade the potential customer that you are qualified for the task.

Request from a customer

It seems that newer sellers do not take advantage of this functionality as much as more seasoned vendors do. I have no idea why that is. However, it is an effective method for presenting your profile to a prospective purchaser.

Gig Video

Gig videos are a crucial marketing tool, particularly for vendors who are just starting out. Get someone to create a distinctive one-minute video for your gig. It is useful.

You ought to additionally make your services available on other platforms, such as Upwork.

It should come as no surprise that if you lack patience and are unable to maintain consistency, then freelancing is not the career path for you. Try this out, then look for other things to occupy your time. Working as a freelancer daily requires a significant amount of patience and effortful labour.

If you want to earn regular orders on Fiverr, you need to make sure that your profile is both professional and appealing to potential customers.

More Gigs, More Orders

You are allowed to create up to seven gigs when you first sign up for Fiverr, which indicates that you can market seven different services. Make it a goal to have seven different gigs on your profile. Do it for all your gigs.

Optimization of Gig Title and Description

Make sure that your Gigs, titles, descriptions, tags, SEO titles, and thumbnails are properly optimised for search engines.

Always keep the clients updated by sending them Buyer inquiries. It is of the utmost significance. Fiverr will provide you with 10 Buyer Requests at no additional cost.

Fast Delivery

Always make sure to turn in your final assignment ahead of the due date. It will increase your trust in customers, and you will also receive positive feedback as a result of this.

The following are some of the reasons why you are not obtaining orders on Fiverr:

Because of your difficulties with the English language, I will not hire you for any position that needs English proficiency on the grounds that I am a native English speaker. You say in your gig:

“I am giving a work product of the highest quality with complete precision.”

“In other marketplaces, I have worked on more than 200 projects. Therefore, you shouldn’t be confused about my abilities.

“Before Placing Your Order, Please Get in Touch with Me and Brief the Details of Your Task.”


Your pricing doesn’t make sense.

If you divide $5 by 2, you get $2.50 for each hour. If you divide $30 by 10, the cost per hour is $3. $130 for a period of 30 hours That works out to $4.33 an hour. Your hourly rate will increase proportionately with the size of the order. That is not a pricing structure that is appealing.

You have written your gig with no consideration for the requirements of the customer at all.

Your set consists entirely of you talking about yourself. “I can’t wait to get started working with you!” “I am quite interested and am looking forward to hearing from you.” ” Although I’m new to Fiverr, I have more than five years of experience working as a freelancer overall.” Instead, you should describe the advantages to a possible purchaser. Your title, which reads “I Will Be A VA To Your Business Growth,” is the one place where you make an attempt to do this. However, that is not very clear, and the English is not very good.


Straighten out your English.

Create a price plan that is logical and makes sense.

The most important thing you can do is refocus your copy so that it describes the benefits to a buyer.

There are a few things you may attempt to boost your chances of earning orders on Fiverr, and they are as follows:

Ensure that your profile is comprehensive and presented in a professional manner. Include a clear photo of yourself for your profile, as well as a full explanation of your services and talents, and any certifications or other relevant qualifications.

Provide services of a high standard at prices that are affordable. Make it a point to consistently provide your customers with high-quality work so that you may develop a solid reputation on the marketplace.

To make it simpler for prospective customers to locate your services, be sure to include the applicable keywords in the titles and descriptions of your gigs.

Be timely in responding to messages and inquiries, and take the initiative to make contact with prospective customers.

Make use of the tools provided by Fiverr, such as the “Promote” option, in order to increase the number of potential customers viewing your gigs.

Additional Services

Think about providing your customers with additional services or bundles to give them more options and to boost the likelihood of them placing an order with you.

Maintain a keen awareness of the current trends and the need for specific services, and adapt your offers to reflect these factors.

You may improve your chances of earning orders on Fiverr by putting these suggestions into practise and by always producing work of a high quality to potential customers.

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