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How to register NGO in Pakistan? Explained

An NGO is an abbreviation for Non-governmental Organization that is not run by the government. The sole purpose of an NGO is to ensure community work and social welfare. There are many NGOs in Pakistan including national and international. In Pakistan, NGOs cannot work without registration. So How to Register NGO in Pakistan?

Registration is a must for an NGO before initiating any operation. An unregistered NGO has to face the consequences in the form of fines or arrests or both. In the following discussion, we guide you on how to register NGO in Pakistan and the relevant laws regarding the registration of NGOs.

Role of an NGO in Pakistan

NGOs play an important role in the development of a country. Moreover, they help in improving the lives of common people. In recent years of natural disasters and crises in Pakistan, NGOs have played an important role. NGOs keep always engage themselves in working for needy people during hard times.

If you want to participate in the welfare of society then you should opt to register NGO in Pakistan. However, in Pakistan, many NGOs are informal and unregistered with any government agency.

NGO registration in Pakistan

NGO registration is not a difficult task in Pakistan but many people don’t know about the process.

Here are the guidelines on how to register an NGO in Pakistan. Moreover, various factors, laws, and regulations have also been mentioned. 

Laws and Regulations to register NGOs in Pakistan

The laws and regulations are different for both, profit and non-profit organizations. NGOs can be registered under different laws and function accordingly. Following are the various acts.

The Companies Act, 2017
The Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961
The Societies Registration Act, of 1860
The Trust Act, of 1882

Company Not For Profit Under Companies Act, 2017

A nonprofit organization can be registered under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 with SECP (Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan). Under this act, NGO can be either an organization formed to serve the public or for the mutual benefit of a certain group of people.

Another requirement is the main object of the company, which is promoting commerce, science, religion, art, sports, social services, charity, or another useful object.

Under this act, the very first step is to get a license from SECP. SECP accepts both online and offline applications. However, it promotes filing online applications and also gives a 50% reduction in the online fee. SECP just required two things, the name and object of the association. The license is thereafter granted after approval.

Member’s details and his/her resume showing his/her experience are also required by SECP.

Documents required for NGO registration

  • Availability of name
  • Bank Challan of Rs. 25,000 for registration
  • Rs. 25,000 bank challan for license
  • List of Promoters of the Association with their details
  • Promoters’ scanned CNICs
  • Previous NGO’s details in case of association
  • Undertaking from each promoter
  • To accomplish the object of the company, there must be at least 3 promoters with the similar skills
  • Mission of statement 
  • Work to be done statement
  • Estimate future income
  • Promoters’ resumes/ Other details

Things to be maintained before registration

  • Audit reports completed and under process projects, bank accounts, list of the office bearers and their details
  • Article of Association signed by a minimum of three office bearers
  • Patronage of any government or authority
  • The company should not function as a trade organization 
  • The income of the company shall be applied only towards the sole object of the company
  • The company shall accept all terms and conditions

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