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Dua for Marriage in Islam – A Beautiful Supplication to Memorize

Best Dua for Marriage

The Scholars have mentioned various Duas for marriage. In this article, we have gathered some beautiful duas which you can easily memorize and plead Allah the Almighty to help you. Since we are Muslims, we have to obey the will of Allah and always stay hopeful for Allah is the best Planner indeed. The recitation of duas mean that we only put our hope in our One and True Lord and no one else. It also means that He is the centre of our attention and we are looking forward to His mercy and blessings in all our actions.

There are Duas where the reciter has to plead through Quranic verses. These are best duas. Then there are duas which are mentioned in the Prophetic traditions. Then comes the dua which are mujarrab, i.e. the scholars have found them to have fulfilled their prayers. It is always important to give importance to the duas in this order. First try to find if there are Quranic verses for the specific need, then try to find a dua in prophetic tradition. If you don’t find a dua, then you can find a shadi ki dua which is mujarrab and recite it. Lastly, you can cry your heart out to Allah Almighty and He is indeed the Best Listener of our cries and supplications, and the Best Seer of our sufferings and sorrows.

We have collected the prayers in the above mentioned order. Firstly, we are mentioning the Quranic verses which help in marriage.

Dua for Marriage in Quran

  1. Surah Yusuf Verse 24 (Quran 12:24)

The translation of this beautiful verse is given below.

She advanced towards him, and he would have done likewise, had he not seen a sign from his Lord. This is how We kept evil and indecency away from him, for he was truly one of Our chosen servants.

The Prophet Yusuf was shown signs from his Lord, which protected him from the evils. The Lord will protect us from evils as well if we remember His signs that He showed to His Messengers.

  • Surah Aal Imran Verse 73 to 74

Recite this verse for marriage.

Dua for Marriage in Hadith

There is no specific dua for marriage in hadith, but you can recite the Dua e Istikhara for marriage and all matters of worldy affairs.

Mujarrab Duas for Marriage

There are many mujarrab duas for marriage. Mujarrab means what has been practised and found fruitful for the aim.

  1. Recitation of Allah’s Names Ya Lateef and Ya Haleem

The Scholars have stated that the recitation of Ya Lateef Ya Haleem a hundred times after praying 2 rak’at Nafal prayer for a month will definitely help the reciter’s plea for a beautiful marriage.

  • Recitation of Ya Fattah

Scholars have mentioned that the recitation of Ya Fattah a seventy times after the Fajr prayer while placing both hands on chest is also very helpful for marriage.

  • Recitation of Ya Sami

There are scholars who recommend the recitation of Ya Sami 1100 times for 40 days is also beneficial for marriage.

  • Recitation of Ya Muti

Some scholars recommend the recitation of Ya Muti 11000 times after Isha prayer such that he starts on Thursday and finishes the recitation on Sunday. This is recommended in case where a person has unmarried daughter who is waiting for marriage.

I hope this article by PakDigest will help you in marriage according to Islam and best for you.

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