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Top Ten Islamic Charities List and Their Main Objectives

Islamic Charities List around the globe contains many such organizations who are changing the lives of millions of Muslims. We must recognize their efforts in reducing the miseries of the mankind. In this article, you will find the top ten Muslim charitable organisations in the world

If you’re looking for the best Muslim charity organisations in the globe, go no further than this list of ten top Muslim charities that you can support right now.

Muslim Aid USA

Muslim Aid USA is a faith-based American international charity. It gives aid to persons suffering from poverty, starvation, disease, illiteracy, prejudice. It also helps people affected by homelessness, debt, unemployment, injustice, deprivation, or a lack of skills and economic possibilities.

Islamic Aid

Islamic Aid works with and helps the poorest and most vulnerable people. It aims to fight for and secure their rights to food, shelter, basic healthcare, and a say in life decisions. Additionally, widows, orphans, the destitute and disabled, and refugees are among them.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief is a faith-based humanitarian aid and development organisation. It is dedicated to saving and transforming the lives of the world’s most disadvantaged people. They were founded in the United Kingdom in 1984. But now it serves in over 45 countries, aiding those in need without discrimination.

Muslim Food Bank

“MFBCS” i.e. Muslim Food Bank and Community Services Society is a charitable community organisation. It offers food aid and promotes self-sufficiency through case management, counselling, emotional support, youth development, and capacity building.

Muslims Against Hunger

Muslim Against Hunger Project is a North American network of volunteer communities that assists the hungry and destitute. It is a grass-roots volunteer initiative. Its aims to mobilise and educate the Muslim community about the problems of hunger, poverty, and homelessness.

Takaful For Child Welfare

Takaful For Child Welfare Takaful is a social enterprise that aims to promote the health and well-being of children by providing them with educational opportunities. Children’s rights are central to this Muslim organisation, which seeks to guide children of all ages in the correct route.

Human Relief Foundation

The Human Relief Foundation seeks to enhance the lives of those affected by famine, poverty, climate change, social upheaval, and violence. HRF responds to catastrophes by delivering relief to affected areas all over the world. Moreover, it also helps in reducing the huge losses incurred by catastrophic disasters.

Muslim Global Relief

Muslim Global Relief strives to eliminate global poverty and hunger by delivering humanitarian aid to over 40 nations throughout the world. MGR provides assistance to those afflicted by natural disasters, war, and conflict. Moreover it also helps people in developing villages and strengthening rural communities through clean water, sanitation, education, and other means.

UK Islamic Mission

The UKIM helps the UK’s migrant Muslim community by erecting mosques for worship and providing religious instruction for children. Further, it also arranges religious and communal gatherings, and distributing basic Islamic literature in English.

AAM Nation Care

AAM Nation Care ensures that people can get the help they need to grow as individuals and in their careers. They aim to reach out and help folks in low-income communities find the help they need to progress in life. Indeed they are a fantastic Muslim charity to support.

This Islamic Charities list will help you decide the right organization whose mission resonates with your feelings. Please share your knowledge and experience with us in the comment section.

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