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Messianic Kingdom according to Islamic Narrative and Sources

Messianic Kingdom according to Islamic teachings is an interesting and important topic discussed in Islamic circles. We all know that Jesus, alongside Moses and Muhammad, is considered to be one of the great Prophets in Islam. He conveyed God’s message to the people that they should worship only one God, observe God’s law, and establish justice. Jesus is also referred to as the Messiah in the Quran. Muslims hold that Jesus wasn’t ever actually crucified, but was instead rescued by God. Thus, Jesus did not die but was instead raised to heaven.

Jesus will arrive on earth prior to the Day of Judgment to remove falsehood and ensure justice. His rule is called the Messianic Kingdom. However, the term Messiah is not restricted to Jesus, peace be upon him. Additionally, it is used to designate the false Messiah (Maseeh al-Dajjal in Arabic). Based on the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the antichrist or false Messiah will arrive before to the second coming of Jesus.

Who is the Fake Christ?

The anti-Christ is described in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The antichrist is a figure who will arise during the age of injustice preceding the end of the world. He will bring corruption and oppression to the globe for either forty days or forty years. His appearance is one of the Day of Judgment’s most prominent signals. False miracles and teachings will be used to fool many people. He will initially assert that he is Jesus, then subsequently declare himself to be God. He will traverse the world persuading folks to follow him by offering them food, wealth, and the hope of an end to their misery.

God will grant him the power to perform miracles as a test for humanity. He shall resurrect the dead. Moreover, he will cut individuals in half, stroll between the two halves, and then command the two halves to reunite and regain life. Also, he will be able to extract the earth’s wealth to entice people. In spite of all his miracles, he will be unable to correct his own physical abnormalities. This is proof that he is not indeed God. Those who do not believe in him will be attacked by his army.

False Messiah versus Jesus

Each Messiah is the complete antithesis of the other. Jesus, peace be upon him, is genuine and performs divine marvels. False Messiah is a liar who leads others astray. He tempts them with his limited talents, which include regulating the rain, regenerating barren areas of the soil, and in a rare occasions, resurrecting the dead. Despite his limited “miracles,” the false Messiah is blind in one eye, according to Islamic doctrine. His eye will be covered by a thick patch of flesh that will grow along its perimeter.

Muslim’s authoritative compilation of prophetic traditions has the following saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him. “The Dajjal will be blind in one eye, and ‘kaafir’ will be written between his eyes.” The word “kaafir” signifies disbeliever. This and the fact that he is blind in one eye are significant indicators that, contrary to his assertions, the Dajjal is not God. This portrayal of the Dajjal appears in numerous sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Because the majority of Muslims are cognizant of these descriptions of the false Messiah, they will not follow him.

There is another prophetic tradition recorded in Bukhari’s authoritative compilation. The Prophet, peace be upon him, is quoted as saying, “As I slept, I saw myself circling the Ka’bah (the holy mosque in Makkah), when I saw a dark person with straight hair standing between two other men with water dripping from his head. I inquired, “Who is this?” They announced, “The son of Mary” Then I turned around and saw a man with a rosy complexion, curly hair, and a blind right eye that resembled a floating grape. I inquired, “Who are you?” They declared, “This is Dajjaal.”

Messianic Kingdom of Jesus

Jesus, the genuine Messiah, will finally descend from heaven and arrive near Damascus, Syria. His arms will be supported by two angels. Then, he will travel to Jerusalem to participate in the morning prayer. At that time, the Antichrist would have reached Jerusalem’s edges. Upon learning that Jesus, peace be upon him, has returned to the world, he will attempt to leave. Nevertheless, Jesus, peace be upon him, will pursue him outside of Jerusalem and kill him. Jesus, peace be upon him, will also destroy the antichrist’s adherents. After this, there will be a period of peace, justice, and prosperity across the earth in his Messianic Kingdom.

Jesus, peace be upon him, will ultimately reject being the son of God. He will confirm that there is just one God and that he is God’s messenger and servant. His Messianic Kingdom will span over forty years during which he will establish peace and harmony in the whole world.

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