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Best Naat Sharif 2022

According to Doctor Khalid Mehmood, naat sharif is a poem in which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is praised. Naat khwan is a person who recites Naat. There are many Naat Khwans who are famous around the world.

Some of the top Naat Khwans are the following: Abdur Ra’uf Rufi, Hafez Mohammad Tahir Qadri, Haaji Muhammad Siddeeq Isma’il, Haji Muhamad Yusuf Memon, Amjid Sabiri, Farhaan Ali Qadri, Maulana Junaid Jamshed and Khursheed Ahmad.

Marghub Hamdani, Owais Reza Qadri, Qari Wahid Zafar Qasmi, Sami Yusuf and Faseehud Din Sohrwardi are also famous naat khwans. They are popular around the world.

You can find all the famous naats of 2022 in our collection. You can download, listen and share these naats in audio or video format. We make all efforts to provide all naats to you as far as possible.

Naat Khwans deserve special respect in our society. They are the people who praise our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and therefore we must also respect and give due credit to them.

The Naat has always been a major part in the dawah of Islam.

History of Naat Sharif
The history of naat sharif goes back to the era of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), when the polytheists of Makkah used to hurl insults against our Prophet (peace be upon him). In his defense, many sahaba would reply to those polythiests. The famous sahabi Hazrat Hassaan bin Thabit was amongst them. He made great efforts and his writings were most effective in this field.

Naat is called Nasheed or madih although the former may be used to describe any sort of religious poem. Tala al Badru Alayna was one of the earliest Naats or nasheed in the era of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), when he arrived at Madinah city.

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