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Netflix Pakistan Packages, Prices and Full Details in 2023

Netflix Packages in Pakistan are in high demand, and this article provides all the subscription details and prices of all the Netflix Packages accessible in Pakistan, so that you can subscribe to what is widely regarded as the most popular online video streaming service for TV series and movies.

The best thing is that Netflix is now officially available in Pakistan, which means that more convenient billing and payment alternatives are available, which we shall explain in greater detail below. It is important to note that Netflix packages in Pakistan are among the cheapest in comparison to other countries. This may be due to fewer memberships, but it is good news for customers.

Netflix Pakistan Packages

Netflix once offered a one-month free trial in Pakistan, but for some reason they decided to discontinue the promotion. Nonetheless, the streaming service offers three distinct bundles at varying prices.

The only difference between these Netflix Packages in Pakistan is that the more expensive version provides additional account options.

The Netflix Mobile Plan (Rs 250 per month)

This is a freshly announced Netflix plan in Pakistan that provides access to the whole video library in the country. This plan is only compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Furthermore, only 480p streaming is supported.

Netflix’s Basic Plan (Rs 450 per month)

The Netflix Basic Plan provides access to the complete video library available in the region; however, this package is limited to a single screen at a time and only supports streaming in Standard Definition (SD) quality.

Standard Plan on Netflix (Rs 800 per month)

The Netflix Standard Plan offers additional features, such as the ability to stream on two screens simultaneously, allowing you to share your account with a friend or family member without fear of compromising your watch history, as the streaming service permits the creation of multiple profiles within an account.

In addition, the normal Netflix plan offers the option to stream in High Definition (HD) quality. However, there is no Ultra HD option available for this package.

Netflix Premium Plan (Rs 1100 per month)

The Netflix Premium Plan features all the bells and whistles, including the ability to stream on four screens simultaneously and Ultra High Definition content (UHD). This option is less expensive than it sounds because four individuals can broadcast simultaneously.

netflix pakistan packages
Netflix Pakistan Packages

Payment for Netflix Subscription

In Pakistan, there are two ways to pay for your Netflix subscription:

  1. Pay online [through Debit or Credit Card]
    You may sign up for Netflix in Pakistan and pay using a debit or credit card on their website. You have the option to cancel your subscription at any time, and if you do, the service will continue to function for the balance of the paid period.

It is crucial to note, however, that banks operating under the Shariah Compliance Guidelines of the State Bank of Pakistan, such as Meezan Bank Limited, do not accept debit or credit card payments for Netflix. Therefore, you must consult with your bank before employing this strategy. However, here is where alternative payment methods come into play.

  1. Pay using PTCL
    Payment can also be made via PTCL landline bill. You can sign up for the streaming service via, and the subscription fees will be added to your monthly PTCL bill.

Obviously, a PTCL landline connection is required to use this payment method, and it should be reiterated that you have the choice to opt out and cancel at any moment.

  1. Pay Via Telenor
    You can also use Telenor Direct Carrier Billing in Pakistan to pay for your Netflix Package Subscription (DCB). However, the service is currently only available to postpaid consumers.

Simply navigate to and choose “Telenor postpaid bill” as your payment option. You must confirm payment by entering the OTP sent to your cell phone number. It is essential to note that you may need to boost your credit limit to pay for the service. You can accomplish this by dialling *456# from your Telenor phone, or you can visit for additional information.

How to Cancel Your Netflix Account in Pakistan

If for any reason you choose to cancel your Netflix Subscription in Pakistan, simply navigate to your account settings and click “Cancel Membership.” You will not be charged again on your next billing date.

As previously indicated, the service will continue to function until the end of the current subscription period since Netflix permits the user to finish the current month, which has already been paid for, rather than provide a refund.

Netflix Recommendations

If you have reviewed the Netflix Packages in Pakistan and have subscribed to the video streaming service, then you should consider the following advice before beginning your viewing on the video streaming platform. Simply click on the choices to view our suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Netflix’s monthly package?
Netflix Pakistan offers four distinct packages, including Mobile, Basic, Standard, and Premium, ranging in price from Rs. 250 to Rs.

Is Netflix is free on PTCL?
The Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) no longer provides Netflix for free; nonetheless, subscribers can enjoy simple billing through their PTCL bills.

Netflix: Is it Free in Pakistan?
No, Netflix is not free in Pakistan, but the streaming giant offers one of the most affordable packages in comparison to other nations.

Is Netflix beneficial for kids?
Every Netflix subscription includes a Kids Profile, which provides parents with complete control over the viewing experience via maturity settings.

How much is the monthly Netflix fee?
Netflix offers four distinct options, including the Mobile Plan for Rs. 250, the Basic Plan for Rs. 450, the Standard Plan for Rs. 800, and the Premium Plan for Rs.

If you have any additional questions, please leave a comment below.

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