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8 Easy Window Cleaning Hacks – Tips and Tricks

Life hacks are generally useful for people. They seem usually life-changing. Multiple life hacks can be used in daily routines. One of them is window cleaning hacks. Windows are an important part of the house. They let in light and air to our house and also make our homes feel comfortable. However, dirty windows can turn a lovely space into a dark or unpleasant one.

Indeed, your windows’ cleaning solutions won’t be perfect like professional services, but they can make you satisfied somehow. We have listed down the 8 window cleaning hacks to make your home amazingly dust free. These hacks will help you in seeing clearly no matter what. 

1. Safety for broken windows:

When it comes to cleaning windows, consider your safety first. Accidently, if you smash your window while cleaning, you can use a piece of bread to dab around broken glass easily. And safely pick up all the tiny shards. Use a ladder with extra anti-slip tape.

2. Dusting:

Cleaning windows is so hectic and can be time-consuming and annoying as well. But in the long run, you will love it.

For hard-to-reach places, you can use compressed air, like a keyboard cleaner.

Furthermore, you can also attach cleaning clothes to kitchen tongs. They can be used for cleaning purposes easily.

3. Window cleaning solution (Homemade Cleaners):

One of the best ways to clean your windows is by improving liquid solutions.

Always mix the right chemicals or use natural cleaners for far better results.

You can also use a bit of elbow grease

With these solutions and a bit of elbow grease, you’ll have much cleaner windows at the end of the day. 


Vinegar is an all-rounder for cleaning purposes. Vinegar helps in removing the grime that accumulates on windows. Moreover, it is non-toxic and anti-bacterial. Just mix one part vinegar with one part warm water and use it for cleaning windows. You can buy vinegar at Daraz Online Store at discounted price in minutes.

Dishwashing Liquid:

Moreover, the dishwashing liquid is also a solid solution for cleaning the toughest marks and spots.

Black Tea:

Black tea can also be used for cleaning purposes as it is full of tannic acid. 

4. Newspaper:

Cleaning clothes are not so effective on windows. However, the newspaper can be used to clean glass for a smudge-free surface. 

Newspaper is an inexpensive way to clean windows rather than paper towels.

5. Squeegees:

Squeegees are an amazing addition to the home cleaning stuff only if they are used properly. They are good for cleaning windows as well. Their thin rubber side helps in cleaning windows. You can easily order Squeegees on Amazon through online shopping.

After using a squeegee, make sure to use a dry towel or newspaper for better results.

6. The Beauty In The Details:

The beauty indeed lies in the detailing.  Always overlook the minute details and look at the little spots on the windows. You can use the following ways for this purpose.

  • Toothbrushes and non-gel toothpaste are best for cleaning little spots.
  • You can use an old rag to remove water from around the edges of your sill.
  • You can also rub alcohol to remove hard spots.
  • Old dryer sheets are also best for this purpose.

7. Eraser:

Have you ever heard that erasers are also good for window cleaning purposes? Blackboard dusters and erasers can give a great finishing touch to your windows. You can easily purchase them from any stationary shop.

Erasers are generally used after the cleaning process.

8: Use Microfiber Cloth:

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your windows. I must say that this window-cleaning tip is a total game-changer. The microfiber cloth soaks up the water without leaving any spot on the window.

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