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Interesting facts about the national bird of Pakistan 

Every country has its own unique identity and state symbols. These symbols define their national identity and are known worldwide. Similarly, Pakistan has its national symbols which represent its history, values, traditions and ideas. Many people don’t know about the National bird of Pakistan. So what is the national bird of Pakistan? Or what is Pakistan national bird? The answer is Chukar, or Chakur. 

Description of Chukar:

The Chukar is a 32-35 cm long bird. It has a light brown back, gray breasts, and a buff belly. The Chukar’s face is white with a black garget. Moreover, they have red legs and are rufous-streaked. Their eyes are black with a thin red outline. They have clawed toes. Males and females Chukars look similar however, females are slightly smaller. Also, females don’t have a spur on their legs like males.

When he gets disturbed, it doesn’t fly but runs. Only in a hurry, it flies a short distance. Chukar prefers to live in dry, open, and hilly areas just like rocky surfaces and hillsides. Chukar eats seeds and insects as food. It lays one egg per day when in captivity. Furthermore, Chukar disappears suddenly so it is a challenging bird for hunters.

Basic facts about Pakistan National Bird: 

It is a species commonly known as Chakor while its scientific name is Alectories Chukar. The Kingdom of Chukar is Animalia and Phylum is Chordata. This bird can be found from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Chukar prefers rocky, steep and open hillsides. It’s average length is 34 to 38 cm while average weight is 538 to 765g (males), 367 to 538g (females). The average lifespan of Chukar is 2 to 5 years in the wild, while average speed is 20 km/h.

Identification of a Chukar partridge

These birds have long tails and a long and pointed beak. There is a yellow patch on the back of the head and a red stripe on the back of the neck. The tail feathers are dark brown and the flight feathers are white. The legs and the bill are gray colored and the eyes are light yellow.

Lastly, they are found in a group and they feed on seeds, berries, insects, and worms.

Some interesting facts about Chukar

Chukar’s Belongings: 

Chukar cartridges belong to Southern Asia and they are known as the national bird of Pakistan.

Furthermore, Chukar is the national bird of Iraq as well.

The Beauty Of Chukar:

Without any doubt, Chukar cartridges are very beautiful birds. Moreover, they have a very attractive plumage. They are also known as the “red-necked partridge”.

Chukar Partridges’ Sound:

Chukar’s sound is like a whistling sound. Furthermore, they talk in different styles.

Dusty Bird:

Do you know that Chukars take baths on a daily basis? This bath keeps their feathers in tip-top shape. Also, they scratch dust over their bodies.

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