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Madhubala to be shifted to Safari Park before Eidul Azha

Madhubala to be shifted to Safari Park before Eidul Azha

Before Eidul Azha, Madhubala is going to be moved to Safari Park.

The Karachi governor has said that the other female elephant kept in captivity with Noor Jehan, Madhubala, is likely to be moved to Safari Park before Eidul Azha. This is because Madhubala’s living conditions have been criticized and criticized heavily.

On Friday, the statement was made at a meeting about the Karachi Zoo and the Safari Park. Sindh Minister for Local Government Syed Nasser Hussain Shah was in charge of the meeting.

Rehman said that a plan for traffic had been made. He said that 20 acres had been set aside for the Safari Park so that big animals could live there.

The administrator also said that Noor Jehan would be the name of the enclosure that would be made for Madhubala. Shah said that every safety step would be taken to move the animal to the Safari Park.

He said that a plan to build an elephant refuge in the Safari Park will be sent to the Sindh government. KMC said that people from the foreign animal welfare group Four Paws were also there. “KMC has pictures and videos of every part of the female elephant’s postmortem and burial,” the statement said.

The municipal company also said that people who spread these kinds of rumors would be taken to court.

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) said that the rumors about the sale of the dead elephant Noor Jehan that were going around on social media were not true.

The female tusker, who was 17 years old and had been kept in captivity at Karachi Zoo, died last week after a long illness that was made worse by a lack of care at the facility, according to reports. She was buried at Karachi Zoo last Sunday.

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