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Swaik Lake | The Scenic Lake in Kalar Kahar

Swaik Lake (also called Khandowa Lake) is a lake placed in tehsil Kallar Kahar, Chakwal District of Punjab the province of Pakistan. It can be accessed through the M2 motorway joining Lahore and Islamabad. The lake is placed about 10 km from the Kallar Kahar and 48 km southwest of the city of Chakwal on the motorway (M-2), or check Google Map route for location. A waterfall is also located at the lake. It is an attractive and famous tourist attraction and offers opportunities for swimming, diving, trekking, and hiking.

Swaik lake is the best option for Islamabad and its nearby cities. The people of many other cities also make a whole day here.

Swaik Lake
Swaik Lake

What makes Swaik Lake so famous?

There are few but engaging reasons which allure visitors to make a tour of Swaik lake. First, it has crystalline clear water and stream gush aside from the lake. This kind of lack could not be fond in the sector. There are several green hills and magical mountains surrounding the lake.

Trekking at Swaik Lake

Nonetheless, the lake’s trek is about 45 minutes, it gets a little more hurdle after the first 5 minutes. The trail is wide at the beginning, however, as soon as you pass it out, it becomes narrow. Sometimes you reach the height you have to get down into the cramped valley surrounding the name of Swaik lake.

The lofty footing toward the lake somehow becomes a very hard trek toward the lake. On the other hand, after taking a challenging hike, you would be close to entering into an amazing place that will terminate your all weariness.


There is resemblance between hiking to Swaik Lake and hiking to the Neela Whan. However, it is more challenging than Neela Whan. There is a deep section of the trail for about 12-15 minutes, after which it gets narrower, before descending steeply toward the lake. Approximately, 30 minutes later you would be at the bottom and right in the forefront of the lake.


It will be a daydream to have swimming in the crystalline deep with surrounding spell-bounding hills around you and relieve your mind with an amazing vision of all the lush mountains. If you are not a good swimmer, even then no need to bother: use a life jacket you can freely get from the lake locality as various locals sell the jackets at a very affordable price.


You can enjoy diving in Swaik lake depending on how confident you’re in your diving abilities. There is one at the height of 30 feet, allowing just over a second of free fall time in the cold air. It is one of a kind which you can’t get in any place.

Final Verdict

Swaik lake is one of the best allurements for a short trip. Due to the easy approach and holding the peaceful beauty of the lush landscape, it is suggested for even families for their one-day holiday.

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