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Top 7 National Parks of Pakistan

Are you looking for the perfect destination to go on an adventure? National Parks of Pakistan are some of the most breathtaking places in Asia, with landscapes ranging from vast deserts and rolling sand dunes to snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys. From mountain ranges better seen from the sky than even in pictures, to majestic rivers flowing through scenic gorges – these national parks are sure to provide a lifetime of memories that will leave you stunned. If you’re ready for an unforgettable holiday packed full of unforgettable sights, then read on as we explore the seven amazing national parks – they’ll be sure not to disappoint! We have listed down the top 7 beautiful national parks of Pakistan.

Deosai National Park Astore

Deosai National Park is the home of Sheosar lake. It is located between Astore Karmang and Skardu. Deosai means the land of giants. If we talk about its height, Deosai has an alleviation of 11447 ft above sea level, which makes it the second highest plateau in the world after Chang Tang in China. Alpine trees have covered the park well. In the spring season, its beauty enhances with a wide range of butterflies and wildflowers. Must visit this national park of Pakistan and get a refresher.

Deosai National Park of Pakistan
Deosai National Park

Khun Zerav National Park (Khunjerab)

Another stunning national park of Pakistan is Khunjerab National park which became a national park after the visit of the then-premier, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Khun Zerav is derived from the Wakhi language, which means blood. This park covers an area of 2270 sq km in Gilgit Baltistan and locates along the Khunjerab pass. It is the third largest national park in Pakistan, surrounded by large beautiful mountains.

Khunjerab National Park of Pakistan
Khunjerab National Park

Ayubia National Park

One more refreshing National Park of Pakistan is Ayubia National park, located in the hub of the Hazara division. This park lies in Dunga Gali, 35 km away from Abbottabad. This National park has been protected as a resort, surrounded by seven villages and four towns. If you want to feel an air of comfort and freshness, so must visit this place.

Ayubia National Park of Pakistan
Ayubia National Park

Broghil Valley National Park

Do you know that Broghil Valley National Park has the second highest lake in Pakistan? This national park is located some 250 km away from Chitral, KPK. The name of its lake is Qurumber Lake and ranks as the world’s 31st-highest lake. You can also call this national park ‘the green desert’. Broghil is also the highest pass in the world. Moreover, you can see the Pamirian and Siberian birds in the winter season here. So must visit and have fun with your family.

Margalla Hills National Park

If you want to witness nature’s inspiring and majestic sceneries, then Margalla Hills National Park is the best one. It is located in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad. Beautiful hails gushing down in monsoon season make it more stunning. Moreover, many animals are here, including the Indian leopard, barking deer, and grey goral. If you can’t go so far for spending vacations, this national park is the perfect one for you. Must visit this national park once in your lifetime.

Broghil National Parks of Pakistan
Broghil National Park

Hingol National Park Hingol

National park is also one of the largest national parks of Pakistan with an area of 1650sq km. It is located along the Makran coast in southwestern Balochistan and 190km away from Karachi. Hingol river is another beauty; it has beautiful birds and species. Furthermore, it has a majestic rock formation as well. The breathtaking Kund Malir beach, Princess Of Hope, and temples of Hinge Mata are some of its attractions. If you want to visit the wonders, you must visit this national park.

Hingol National Park
Hingol National Park

Kirthar National Park Kirthar

Kirthar National Park is another stunning park in Pakistan. It is located between Karachi and Jamshoro. This park has the world’s largest Fort named Ranikot. Kirthar national park covers an area of 3072sq km, which makes it the second largest national park after Hingol. Moreover, a unique and incredible landscape can be seen in this park. Also, natural beauty and cultural heritage can be found over here. If you want to experience some adventure in your life so must visit this national park of Pakistan.

kirthar national park of Pakistan
Kirthar National Park

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