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Traffic rules in Pakistan You should never Ignore

If you want to drive safely and legally in Pakistan then you must understand the traffic rules in Pakistan.
Traffic rules can save you from various dangerous accidents that can take an innocent life.
Different traffic signs should be followed to drive safely. These signs and rules are essential to
the road environment.

Some basic traffic rules in Pakistan

The traffic rules in Pakistan are based on the way the British mark roads that’s why road signs in
Pakistan have been written in both national as well as English language.
● The first traffic rule is to have your driving license while driving. Moreover, people from
other countries who visit Pakistan must also have a valid driving license in their country.
● Secondly, drug addicts don’t have permission to drive in Pakistan either by Pakistanis or
● Drivers can’t switch lanes without the right sign. It is against the law if they don’t stop at
the zebra crossing.
● You must stay under the speed limit and give way to people on foot.
According to various studies, almost 70% of Pakistani drivers don’t follow the basic traffic rules.
Especially bike riders, rickshaw drivers, and chingchi rickshaw drivers do reckless driving.
Moreover, they don’t stop at red lights. Even, car drivers also break the rules and drive

Causes of Traffic Congestion and solutions

The size of the population, the number of vehicles, and the amount of traffic on the roads are
the main factors of traffic congestion in Pakistan.
However, the government has taken action against this congestion by building new buildings,
highways, bridges, and expressways. But still, the situation is not that good.
Street Safety Measures In Pakistan:
It is a fact that Pakistani roads are the most dangerous in the world. Pakistani drivers don’t
follow the traffic rules which makes them more dangerous.
We have listed down some of the safety measures and rules. You must follow them if you want
to stay safe while driving in Pakistan.

Drive defensively

While driving, always keep your eyes open for other vehicles. Try to drive slowly if you want to
avoid collisions and accidents.

Stay sober

Stay sober while driving. Avoid driving under the influence of drugs. Also stay calm and give
others plenty of room.

Pay attention to the signals

Obey the traffic signals carefully. Even if you think that they are not working properly.

Use hand signals

While driving, you should use hand signals to inform others. For instance, when you need to
make a turn, use hand signals to indicate the direction.

Use your mirrors

Check your mirrors frequently while driving. You can use them to signal others.

Keep an eye on the speedometer

Also, keep an eye on the speedometer. Don’t go faster than the speed limit.

The Bottom Line

People should follow the traffic rules, no matter what. The govt should take strict measures in
this regard.
The government of Pakistan should put money is making more roads safer and improving
infrastructure so that innocent lives can be protected.

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